Friday, January 13, 2012

What are the differences between CPAP Masks?

Whether this is your first time purchasing or if you are looking for a new mask one thing is certain; there can be an overwhelming amount of different CPAP Masks available. Not to worry, we are going to make it easy to walk through the differences before you make your decision. We have also included a quick reference chart describing each mask and also the top 5 most popular masks on the market today. Below are some of today’s differences.
 One manufacturer has created a total face mask for adult CPAP users that is specifically designed for those who are unable to get a good seal with a nasal mask, full face type, have experienced skin irritations, or who are claustrophobic. This total face mask is beneficial because there are no pressure points around the nose to cause skin irritation. The seal is created around the outside of your face. Another benefit to this type of mask is that it minimizes leaks and provides airflow through the mouth and/or nasal passages. This permits more natural and comfortable breathing since the air pressure circulates throughout the mask. The mask is made of clear, lightweight plastic, and will not obstruct your vision. This can also help to minimize feelings of claustrophobia.
 A feature to look for in a more standard type of mask is an adjustable forehead pad or an inflatable seal that activates when the CPAP mask is in use. If you require oxygen with your CPAP, be sure to look for masks that have Oxygen bleed ports.
It is important to do your research in advance, and that’s one point we’ll continue to make throughout this CPAP Mask Review. If you want to ensure that your CPAP Mask covers all of your needs, doing your research upfront and asking questions will save you miles of discomfort down the road.

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