Friday, January 13, 2012

How To Set Up Your CPAP Machine


  • 1. Remove the contents of the CPAP kit from its bag. All devices vary, but basic contents include: the control box with all of your pre-adjusted prescribed settings, cables and power supply, a face mask, air hoses and a humidifier. If you plan to travel with your device, there may be an additional kit including a battery connector with a lighter plug and a vehicle power adapter.
  • 2. Fill the humidifier, if one is included on your model. Snap it open and fill it up to the indicated level with cold, pre-boiled water. Place the top back on and make sure it is sealed correctly all the way around.
  • 3. Connect the air hoses. The humidifier has two knobs on which you will connect the ends of the air hoses. Place one air hose on the appropriate knob of the humidifier and connect its opposite end to the control box. The second air hose will be connected from the second knob on your humidifier to your mask.
  • 4. Turn the system on. Attach the cord to the indicated opening in the control box and plug it in. The positioning of the settings buttons will vary from one machine to the next. Push the button to turn the air on full. Turn on the ramp system. Check to make sure air is coming in through the mask.
  • 5. Place the box and humidifier with all the connecting hoses somewhere that is close to your bed and at approximately the same height as your bed. The hoses should be long enough to allow you to move from one side of the bed to the other while you have your mask on.
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