Tuesday, June 4, 2013

SleepSeeker by ResMed gives patients access to their therapy data

ResMed is proud to introduce SleepSeeker, a new online therapy-management tool from Wake Up to Sleep. Wake Up to Sleep is an interactive patient support community for people with sleep apnea. The program provides free tools and resources for every stage of a person’s journey. Whether an individual is just beginning to learn about sleep apnea or has been living with it for many years, the sleep coaches, supportive community and website can help patients live well on sleep apnea therapy.
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What is SleepSeeker?
SleepSeeker is a free online tool that allows patients to upload therapy data from their S9™ device (via an SD card) so they can view their usage, events and mask leak.
How can patients sign up?
Patients can register at WakeUpToSleep.com and become part of the community. Once they’re a registered member, they can access SleepSeeker for free!

What are the benefits of this tool?
SleepSeeker provides an easy way for patients to stay engaged in their therapy by giving them visibility into their progress. It also gives them the option to create plans, set goals and even challenge other users in order to stay motivated.
SleepSeeker—along with other support resources on WakeUpToSleep.com—helps patients get through the critical first weeks of therapy after titration. It can help decrease the number of callbacks you receive and lead to improved compliance and better health outcomes.
Learn more about SleepSeeker today.
Wake Up to Sleep Team

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